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Creighton Community Public Schools


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October 2022 Minutes

A regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Creighton Community School District No. 13 was held on October 10, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library.


Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the Knox County News, as shown by the Affidavit of Publication attached to the minutes.  Notice was also posted at the City Offices, front door of the high school, and front door of the elementary school.


Notice of the meeting was simultaneously sent to all the members and a copy of their acknowledgment and receipt of notice and agenda is attached to these minutes.  Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice as was the notice to the members of this meeting.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was opened to the attendance of the public.  The agenda for the meeting is attached and incorporated into these minutes.


President Fanta called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  He announced that the Open Meeting Laws Act Poster was displayed on the wall at the entrance.


Members present: Duane Fanta, Greg Kuhlman, Dixie Hanefeldt, Erik Burns, and Amy Borgmann.


Others Present:  Superintendent Weber, Principal Nilson, Secretary Hoffman and district patrons


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Kuhlman moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV: 5-0.  Motion Carried.


Nyla Borgmann spoke during public comment.



  1. Superintendent Weber shared that the mental health grant will be used to pay for the salary of the provider who is working in our school.  Title IX law changes will lead to some changes within the district.  Plainview contacted us this morning to see if we would be interested in cooping girls wrestling with them.  Preschool through sixth grade enrollment is up seventeen from last year.   
  2. Principal Nilson reported that fall NSCAS growth testing has been completed.  Mike Donahue will be here on October 17th to speak to our students on school climate and culture.  Creighton hosts conference wrestling in January.   
  3. There was no president’s report.
  4. There were no board committee reports.
  5. There was no correspondence.


Kuhlman moved to approve the consent agenda consisting of the monthly financial reports and bills (pulling out the Creighton Auto and Creighton 59 bills) and the September 12th and 27th board minutes.   Seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV:  5-0.  Motion Carried.  Kuhlman moved and Hanefeldt seconded paying the Creighton Auto bill.  RCV:  4-0-1 Kuhlman – yes, Borgmann – abstain, Burns – yes, Fanta – yes, Hanefeldt – yes.  Motion Carried.  Kuhlman moved to pay the Burns Lumber bill.  Seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV:  RCV:  4-0-1 Borgmann – yes, Burns – abstain, Fanta – yes, Hanefeldt – yes, Kuhlman – yes.    


Discussion/Action Items:   

  1. Toni Tauber had submitted her resignation to the board.  Hanefeldt moved to approve the resignation of Toni Tauber.  Seconded by Kuhlman.  RCV:  5-0.  Motion Carried.
  2. Board member Borgmann wanted it publicly noted that board president Fanta broke a school policy in regards to purchasing.  Fanta acknowledged this and will follow policy moving forward.  Superintendent Weber asked if there were any motions, and no board members made a motion to act on the issue any further.   
  3. Josh Key was the only applicant for the board position.  Hanefeldt moved to appoint Josh Key the fill the remainder of the term for the open board position.  Seconded by Burns.  RCV:  5-0.  Motion Carried.  Key took the oath of office.
  4. Tauber’s resignation left the vice president position vacant.  Kuhlman moved to appoint Hanefeldt as vice president.  Seconded by Burns.  RCV:  5-0-1 Fanta – yes, Key – yes, Hanefeldt -abstain, Kuhlman – yes, Borgmann – yes, Burns – yes.  
  5. Abigail White optioned in from Plainview in August and is on track to graduate in December.  Kuhlman moved to approve the early graduation request upon fulfilling requirements for senior Abigail White.  Seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.
  6. The second reading of Policy 502.02 (Option Enrollment) was completed.  The only change was that the policy number was aligned to our manual.  Hanefeldt moved to approve the second and final reading of revised policy 502.02.  Seconded by Borgmann.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.
  7. Wendy Ripp and LaDonna Hazen have both submitted letters of retirement effective at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.  Borgmann moved to approve the retirements of Wendy Ripp and LaDonna Hazen effective at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.  Seconded by Burns.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.  The district plans to fill the kindergarten job from within and will begin advertising for the art position.
  8. Kuhlman moved to approve Fanta and Borgmann’s attendance at the state education conference in November.  Seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.


At 12:44 p.m., Kuhlman moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Burns.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.  The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Monday, November 14, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library.



Jennifer Hoffman, Secretary