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Creighton Community Public Schools


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Minutes- September 11, 2017

The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Creighton Community School District No. 13 was held on September 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library.


Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the Creighton News, as shown by the Affidavit of Publication attached to the minutes.  Notice was also hung at the City Offices, front door of the high school, and front door of the elementary.


Notice of the meeting was simultaneously sent to all the members and a copy of their acknowledgment and receipt of notice and agenda is attached to these minutes.  Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice as was the notice to the members of this meeting.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was opened to the attendance of the public.  The agenda for the meeting is attached and incorporated into these minutes.


President Morrill called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Morrill announced that the Open Meeting Laws Act Poster was displayed on the wall.


Members present: Tim Gragert, Kay Morrill, Colleen Farnik, Dixie Hanefeldt, Greg Kuhlman, and Duane Fanta.  


Others Present:  Superintendent Thompson, Principal Nilson, Secretary Hoffman, and district patrons.   


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Fanta moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Kuhlman.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.


Chuck Shefl spoke during public comment, asking the board to consider adding an industrial tech program as they work on the budget and planning for the next school years since so many students have interests in that area.


Gragert moved to approve the consent agenda of monthly financials, special meeting minutes from August 28th budget workshop, September 6th budget hearing, and September 6th tax request hearing, and approval of second reading of policies 504.18, 504.18R1, 504.19, and 304.3..  Seconded by Fanta.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.  


  1. Reports:  

Superintendent Thompson reported that overall enrollment is down four students from last year to 310.  He also shared information on the four sessions he attended at the Labor Relations conference: special education legal update; torts and labor law; hearing scenario; and negotiations.  


Principal Nilson stated that MAP testing is in progress and that formal evaluations have begun.  The Bulldog Connection, a mentoring program between seniors and elementary students, has begun.  Several activities and presentations will be taking place in the next few weeks.


Board President Morrill shared a letter from Senator Rick Kolowski asking for board’s input on ways to help create high quality public information.  The board brainstormed ideas and will continue to submit ideas through September.  The final inspection for the HVAC system is October 15th, and 360 Energy is working with staff to make sure there are no problem areas.  The Knox County Cattleman held another Beef in Schools meeting and outlined three steps to promote the program in Knox County Schools.  She shared information on the Labor Relations conferences she attended.  Gragert moved to approve the registrations of Fanta, Kuhlman, Hanefeldt, and Morrill at the September 20th Area Membership Meeting in Norfolk.  Seconded by Farnik.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.  Kuhlman moved to approve the attendance of Gragert, Farnik, Morrill, and Fanta at the State Leadership Conference in November.  Seconded by Gragert.  RCV:  6-0.  Motion Carried.


There was no correspondence.


Discussion/Action Items:


  1. Superintendent Thompson shared the budget amounts as published in the paper.  Fanta moved to accept the district budget as publicized for the 2017-2018 school year.  Seconded by Gragert.  RCV:  aye - Gragert, Morrill, Kuhlman, Hanefeldt, Fanta.  nay - Farnik  5-1.  Motion Carried.
  2. The tax request was also presented as published.  The levy for the general fund will be  .  Gragert moved to approve the 2017-2018 tax request resolution as presented and stated in the Creighton News.  Seconded by Hanefeldt.  RCV:  aye - Morrill, Hanefeldt, Kuhlman, Fanta, Gragert.  nay - Farnik.  5-1.  Motion Carried.
  3. The board reviewed the school’s emergency safety plan.  Superintendent Thompson stated the state is pushing for changes in schools safety plans, and that the administration has been working on this.  He showed the board the folders of safety information and the safety buckets that are in each room.  Each school in the state is adopting the same standards so that emergency signs are the same in every building.  Work will continue on this.
  4. Scott Roofing showed up on Monday morning and began work on the roof warranty projects.  They will work on the problem areas on the high school end before moving to the elementary.  
  5. The board asked for public input on the possibility of implementing a drug testing policy for students.  This is becoming more common in high schools across the state.  Different patron comments included that it didn’t make them any difference, it may help a student who has a problem get help, and concern that the students who are selected for the testing may be picked on as because others will wonder what they are doing wrong.  The testing would be done randomly following a detailed instruction list.  At most schools, parents have the choice to option their student into the program even if they are not in a competitive extracurricular activity.  Students could use the possibility of being tested as a reason to say no if confronted with drugs.  The program would be presented in a way so students don’t feel violated.  Superintendent Thompson will get a couple of sample policies.
  6. A student had requested information early graduation, but at this time we have not heard from her again on the subject.  Policy 611.08 outlines the process.
  7. A new superintendent evaluation tool and job description were developed as the current evaluation was hard for the board to use as they are not inside the school for day to day happenings.  The proposed evaluation and description were taken from the NASB website.  Hanefeldt moved to adopt the NASB superintendent evaluation and job description as recommended.  Seconde by Fanta.  RCV:  6-0. Motion Carried.  The evaluation and description will be sent in to the department of education for approval.
  8. The policy committee will meet at 5:00 pm. on September 27th.  The negotiations committee will meet on September 19th at 11:00 a.m.  On October 4th at 5:00 p.m., the planning and development committee will meet.  


Attachments for reports, budget worksheet from paper, tax resolution worksheet from the paper, and superintendent job description and evaluation are available with minutes in district office.


The following bills were paid:


At 8:25 p.m., President Morrill adjourned the meeting.  The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Monday, October 9, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library.  


 Jennifer Hoffman, Secretary