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ABC's of Kindergarten

by LaDonna Hazen


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Blocks of Kindergarten


Absent:  If your child is absent from school, due to illness, please call the elementary office.  Homework can be compiled for your child but you must notify the school.  If your child is going to be absent from school please send a note in advance so that your child can complete any work which they will miss.

Books:  Your child will bring home mini-books to read, please practice at home and return to school each day.  These books are used in the classroom and when the book set is complete they'll be kept in a special place at school.  At the end of the year, your child will bring all of the books home.
Birthdays:  Your child can bring a snack for their birthday, if they would like to.  If it’s something that can go with our afternoon milk break we will have it at that time otherwise the snacks will be handed out at the end of the school day.

Clothes:  Each child is supposed to bring a change of clothes, which is kept in their book bag and used in case of an emergency.  During the wet seasons, feel free to send extra socks, to change into during the day.

Dentist/Doctor:  If your child has a dentist or doctor appointment, in town, this is counted as an excused absence.  Please bring a note verifying the appointment.

Envelope:  When returning book orders or anything containing money, please place it in an envelope which is sealed and labeled with your child's name.  

Friendship:  Making friends is a very important part of kindergarten.  We talk about friendship, we role play and we work to build a classroom filled with many friends.  Sometimes feeling are hurt and we talk about this also.  If your child is having any problems in particular, feel free to contact me.

Gloves- Be sure to send a pair of gloves or mittens for the colder school days.  You can also send an extra pair so that your child can change out of the wet ones.  It might be helpful to send a plastic zip-lock bag to place the wet gloves/mittens in so that other items don't become wet in your child's book bag.

Home Fun: It's important to maintain positive communication between home and school.  If you have any concerns or questions don't hesitate to call or stop it.

Illness: If your child becomes ill during the school day we will send them home.  If your child is running a fever we ask that they stay home for 24 hours.

Juice: Juice is served at lunchtime but milk is only available during the afternoon snack break.

Kittens: Kittens, puppies, and hamsters are all animals that we love to see. Please be sure to let us know that you are coming and we'll make arrangements for your special pet to visit.

Library:  We go to the library, once a week, for story time and book checkout.  Your child may keep their library book until the next week but please return it as soon as possible.  We have a container in the classroom where they place the books and then we return them to the library.
Lunches:  When your child brings lunch money, place it in an envelope which is labeled.  I will retrieve it from their folder and take it to the office.  If your child brings a lunch to school we have a special place where we keep them in the classroom.

Music:  We go to music daily and we have a music program at Christmas and in the Spring time.

Numbers: Your child will work on counting, number sequence, and number writing 1-20.  These skills may have been learned in pre-school and they will be reinforced in Kindergarten.  The children will also learn numbers beyond 20 through activities such as centers, graphing, problem solving, and opening activities.

Office: Whenever you have items for our elementary office please drop them off.  If you are unable to drop them off personally you may send them with your child- place them in an envelope with your child's name and any other necessary information.

P.E: The children have P.E. 3 times a week and explore various aspects of Physical Education.  We also have 3 recess daily, so your child has plenty of opportunities to engage in physical activities.

Questions:  If you ever have questions, feel free to send a note in your child’s binder.  If you need a question answered immediately, then you may feel free to call the elementary office.

Recess:  Recess is held outside unless the weather is inclement.  Please send appropriate clothes for the day’s weather.  

Snacks:  Every afternoon we have milk break and your child can bring a nutritious snack (granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, fruit, crackers, etc.).  The only days we don't have snacks are days when there is an early dismissal or a party.

Tardy:  Our school day starts at 8:10.  Please work to establish good attendance habits and have your child at school, on time.

Up:  I will wait with your child each day until they are picked up.  If a different person is picking your child up, please send a note or call the school office.

Valentine's Day:  We celebrate Valentine's Day at school and your child may bring Valentine cards to exchange with their friends.  They can also include a treat with their cards, if they want to.  We make special Valentine containers at school so your child doesn't need to bring a box from home.

Weather- Please be sure your child has an extra pair of boots at school for when the weather is rainy or snowy. Also please have your child wear appropriate clothing for the day's weather and send a light jacket.

X- Excellent care- Your child will receive an excellent care and an excellent education at Creighton Community Schools.

You -You are very important in your child's life.  Remember to spend time asking them about their school day and looking at their school work.

Zipper- If your child's coat has a zipper, spend some time practicing zipping and unzipping the coat.  This is a kindergarten skill and it will also help your child when it's time to put their coat on.