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Kindergarten is fun and we have rules to keep us safe as we learn and play.  Respect is a large part of our classroom and we discuss it often.


The Kindergarten Discipline plan is based on 4 basic rules which are reviewed daily.

    Rule 1- Listen when your teacher is talking. Pay attention.

    Rule 2 -Raise your hand to speak. Take turns.

    Rule 3- Respect others, respect yourself, and respect our school.

    Rule 4- Make good choices. Use your head.


Each child has a clothes pin with their name on it and these are moved during the day to help your child as they learn the rules.  The beginning of the year is when reminders are given and behaviors are practiced.  When bad choices are made we discuss them and we talk about options for better choices.  As the year progresses, we begin to move each child's clothes pin to the different colored levels.

We have 4 basic color cards with different labels on each. All the children begin on the Sparkle card, if a child continues to exhibit an incorrect behavior then their clothes pin is moved to the Good Job card.  The day continues but if the behavior continues then the clothespin moves to Slow Down card.  When a child's clothes pin is on the Think card then they will sit for 5 minutes of their Choice Time.  During this time, I will talk to the student and we'll discuss ways to make better choices regarding their behavior.  Following the discussion the student will tell me what they are going to try and do to improve their behavior and then the child joins his friends during Choice Time.  

Each child’s binder has a daily behavior sheet which indicates areas that your child is working on at school.  A smile face indicates that your child had a great day ( Sparkle or Good Job card). A straight face indicates that your child has some areas to work on (Slow Down or Think cards ).  It's not unusual to receive a straight face as a child works on learning the classroom procedures and behaviors.  If I have additional concerns, I may note that I would like to briefly visit you.  Working together we can make this a great year for your child and help from home would be greatly appreciated.