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Welcome to my website where you'll find information and updates about things happening in the classroom and Physical Education at our school.  

Expectations of Students:

1. Be on time

2. Be prepared for class

3. Be ready to learn

4. Bring your book, notebook, and pen every day

5. Be positive

6. Be polite and respect others


1. Most will be done in class and in cooperative groups of 2 or 3 students.

Science labs and activities:

1. Will be worth a total of 10 points.

2. Grade based on how well students work with their lab partner and their results.


1. Do all assigned work.

2. Take and complete all test and quizzes. 


Physical Education Grading System based on the following:

1. 10 points each day.

2. Attitude

3. Participation in the activity.

4. Behavior

5. If student does not dress for class, they will receive 0 points.

6. If student has a doctor's excuse, they will not be graded. Does not affect their grade.