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Spanish Syllabus

August 27, 2012


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Spanish  Syllabus
In all Spanish classes, you will be introduced to the Spanish language and culture.  In this course, you will learn the elements of basic conversational Spanish.  Emphasis will be on developing skills using the present tense in areas of reading, writing, and listening.  You will also learn about traditions, families and other cultural items in Spanish-speaking countries.  Most importantly, you will begin the journey towards learning a second language, giving you a multitude of opportunities in the future!

Major Instructional Goals Spanish I:  The student will…

*ask and respond to questions on everyday topics such as food, time, weather, days, months, seasons, clothing, colors, body parts, family members, house, places in town, and numbers.
*compose simple sentences in the present tense, using the appropriate verb forms and word order
* ask and respond appropriately to statements on a variety of everyday topics such as greetings, introductions, basic needs, likes and dislikes.
*locate Spanish speaking countries and major cities
*demonstrate an awareness of formal and informal forms of the language
*compare aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures to their own culture.

Major Instructional Goals Spanish II:  The student will
*Review present tense, study preterite, imperfect, future conditional tenses
*compose simple and more complex sentences using the different verbs tenses
* ask and respond to simple and complex questions throughout the tenses
*major topics covered emotions, professions, common objects, sports and hobbies, reflexive constructions, and many more cultural topics

Major Instructional Goals Spanish III:  The student will…
*review present, preterite,  imperfect, future, and past participles, many different everyday vocab. lessons
*compose simple to more complex sentences and short writing assignments.
*small group project activities
*presentations on target language

Rules and what to expect in class:
*Must have book, vocabulary sheet, pen or pencil every day.
*Be ready for Spanish when you come in the room.  We get started right away.  Thought questions several times a week.
*No other class work will be done during my lecture or during class when you have a Spanish assignment.  Once my work is done then you may work on something else.
*No talking while I’m talking.  You should be listening.
*There will be seating charts and students are required to sit their assigned seat.
*Ask before taking something—pen, pencil, and scissors off my desk.
*Ask before leaving the room and take a pass.
*If you are tardy I mark you down as tardy unless you have a pass from another teacher.
*All work must be completed in class and handed in that class period for full points the day it is assigned.
*If student needs extra time to finish the work, I will allow the student to turn the work in the next day without a points deducted.
*Work must be turned in on second day after assigned---the third day is a “zero” for that assignment.
*All assignments must be turned in before a quiz.
*Cheating will result in a “0”.  
*Books must be covered and taken good care of throughout the year.
*Back row of desks/ student’s cannot touch or lean on the back wall.
*No writing on my boards or messing with Smart Board.
*Behavior issues –I warn you once and the second time we will discuss what your options are and or depending on the problem I will ask you to go to the office and you will receive a detention.
*Automatic detention would include swearing and other inappropriate words towards others, and fighting.
Homework and grades:
Daily work---Quizzes ----Unit test all based on points